Fakra-Sma cable

Fakra-Sma cable
Item: Fakra-Sma cable(1) Product Name: Fakra-Sma cable
FAKRA - SMA adapter cable RG174 pure copper cable
This cable adopts environmentally-friendly pure copper-plated SMA connector and military standard pure copper RG174 shielded cable. It has excellent performance, small attenuation, high frequency, good anti-interference performance, good wire flexibility and can be used indoors and outdoors. The wiring method adopts the conductor and core welding of the joint, and the processing technology of the wire shield crimping. After the assembly, the joint and the wire are very firm and the quality is excellent!
  Connector material: pure copper plated
Wire: military standard pure copper RG174 line
Size: diameter 2.5mm
Impedance: 50 ohms
Frequency: 0-6Ghz
RG174 military standard pure copper wire, pure copper conductor and pure copper shielding, with light weight, good flexibility, moisture resistance, and so on. Good shielding performance, low attenuation and good standing wave ratio. It is widely used in electronic equipment and military industry.
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