OD6.0mm RJ45 CAT5 8P8C Modular Ethernet Network

OD6.0mm RJ45 CAT5 8P8C Modular Ethernet Network
Item: Protector Cover Product Name: OD6.0mm RJ45 CAT5 8P8C Modular Ethernet Network
Descriptions:  Name: Network cable Protector cover (can be used for CAT5, CAT6 network cable, crystal head protection)
The product adopts all environmentally friendly materials, non-toxic and odorless UL plastic, and is strictly tested by various export plastic indexes.
The most obvious advantage of the sheath is that there is no increase in the thickness of the original crystal head after the production. Very suitable for use in switches, etc.
Use the role of the crystal head sheath:
1. Protect the crystal head shrapnel from reversing;
2, to prevent the network cable from being exposed, and the cable is broken;
3, to prevent dust and water from entering the crystal head, poor contact;
4, color separation grouping, easy to identify and maintain;
5, beautiful and generous.
The rj45 jacket can be used to manually press the crystal head, you can buy it with confidence.
Note: This jacket has 10 colors (blue, gray, red, yellow, green, black, purple, orange, white, brown)

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