EIZZ silver plated Binding post

EIZZ  silver plated Binding post
Item: Binding post-657 Product Name: EIZZ silver plated Binding post
Descriptions:  Brand new original authentic EIZZ boutique pure copper plated real silver crystal transparent power amplifier terminal banana socket
Conductor is environmentally friendly brass, silver plated
Body screw diameter 8mm
Insulation film installation diameter: 12mm
Mounting plate thickness: 1mm-10mm
Transparent PC case, red/black POM insulation
The price is the price of one grain in the picture, red + black is a pair.
The colors are divided into black and red, and the color is not noted. The default color matching of the warehouse shipments (red and black).
EIZZ series products are complete in model, direct factory price, wholesale welcome, price advantage

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