GX16 90 Degree Right Angle

GX16 90 Degree Right Angle
Item: XLR-331 Product Name: GX16 90 Degree Right Angle
Descriptions:   GX16 90 Degree Right Angle XLR 16mm Elbow 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Pin Female Plug Male Chassis Mount Socket Aviation Connector
100% Brand New and High Quality.
XLR chassis mount ,  Angle XLR cable connector 
Cable Connector with two screws for extra tight pressure connection and additional cable.
Diameter for mounting: 16mm
Rated current: 4A/5A/7A
Working voltage: 125V AC
Withstand voltage: 1500V AC
Contact resistance: 10MΩ
Insulation resistance: 1500MΩ
Type:  2 Pin,3 Pin,4 Pin,5 Pin,6 Pin,7 Pin,8 Pin ,9 Pin (You can choose)

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